Just Cause 3 Wingsuit

Just Cause 3 – First Impressions

Hello all, how are you going? I’m glad to be back here with a new post for you!

Today I have two things, a video and a first impressions write-up on Just Cause 3. The video is just me cruising around in Just Cause 3 in nothing but a wingsuit for over 8 minutes without landing or deploying my parachute.

I also got a 10 minute record before this one, I did have it recording, but Fraps ended up messing me up, 1 being an .AVI, and the other being the video output ended up being 35GB just for 10 minutes of gameplay.

So I’m using Shadowplay and it’s less than 5% of that size now, and I’m much happier with that fact. So I’ll post the video first, then I’ll get into the first impressions.

Okay, here you go:

Alright, I hope you liked that, I know there was no commentary, I’m not that great at it yet so I’m not going to attempt it at present.

Let me know what you thought of it, any favorite parts if any?

First Impressions

I have got to say, this game is awesome. Like, seriously awesome. I loved Just Cause 2, but I really love Just Cause 3. It’s essentially an amp’d up, graphics pumped, feature rich version of it’s predecessor. And that’s amazing.

The Wingsuit; as you can tell, is my favorite thing to do in this game, it’s so great even now without the upgrades you can add to make it faster and more useful, and I can’t wait to get those and crack my 10 minute record.

The Vehicles; they’re amazing, and I haven’t even tried a plane yet, or even the sports cars, all I know is despite their arcade style’d controls, the physics of them are really awesome. Especially when you blow-up a bridge while you’re driving over it.

The Graphics; are spectacular, visually similar to GTA, but way nicer vegetation and landscaping textures/layout. I also love that the sun can reflect off of chopper blades while they’re spinning, I thought that was a great touch.

The Wildlife; I love that it even exists, it’s so cool to be able to plow through a paddock and have to not only dodge bullets from a helicopter, but also have to dodge smashing through a heard of cows.

The Gameplay; is amazing, I love open-world sandbox type games, and this one is by far the best one I’ve ever played, the freedom to do whatever you want is great. The grappling hook allows for a such unique effect every time you try it out, it’s almost limitless what you can do in this world.

Conclusion; I recommend this game to anyone who loves to have the freedom and fun that a sandbox game delivers with awesome graphics and endless possibilities. Hell, I’d recommend this game to anyone really.

Okay, I think I’ve made my point, I’m going to go back to playing this game right now, I hope you all enjoyed this post, if you liked it, feel free to like the video or comment or anything really, I’d really appreciate it!

I may do a full review later when I’ve had a longer time with it and know if there is any issues with it or not. Alright, take it easy, I’ll see you in the next one!

Toejam & Earl

New Toejam & Earl in The Works?!

Toejam & EarlHey all, I read the other day on the Facebook page of Toejam & Earl that the developers are working on making a new game!

This awesome news has given me further encouragement to kick off my blog once again, I’ve had the urge for quite some time, but hadn’t had anything good to talk about.

Here is the quote from the the Facebook page, straight from HumaNature’s mouths:

Greetings from Funkotron! We haven’t been posting as often lately because we’ve gotten really busy with the new TJ&E game. We will be making some announcements in a probably 3 or 4 weeks, when we have something we can show, and will be able to share lots of information with you.

Did you hear that?, 3-4 weeks and we’ll know more information on the upcoming title, I personally can’t wait to find out more, and I know one or two people who will feel the same way, if not, more excited about this news!

They also posted some concept art, though it seems rather rudimentary if you ask me, so either they’re not very far along in development yet, or they really just like drawing their ideas and making people guess what it will look like. Either way, here they are:

The original title started as a 2D side-scrolling platforming game where you had the task of rebuilding your space-craft after it crash landed by collecting pieces to it scattered all over the globe

They then made a 3D version in the early 2000’s , where these cool aliens would also collect presents, records and keys to unlock more areas, which was still very fun.

I’m going to take a guess that this one will also be 3D based and feature a very similar game-play style as the last one they made which was Toejam and Earl III: Mission to Earth, although I’m hoping they have the space-craft crash this time so they need to rebuild it as they did in the 2D version.

Also, in reading through the comments on the Facebook page, the developers have replied a few times stating that they’re aiming at creating the same feeling as the original Sega Mega Drive version, so it may very well be a 2D scroller after all, which would be really awesome too, especially if it’s a 2.5D version

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this post from me, I’ll make a new post on this in a few weeks when more information is presented to us, feel free to make comments to discuss your nostalgic memories of Toejam & Earl – Thanks for reading!

Second Blog

How To Make A Second Blog With WordPress (3.5.1)

Second BlogHey guys, a few years back I wrote a tutorial for creating a secondary blog in WordPress, I wrote it when WordPress was version 3.03, and pretty soon after that, the updates destroyed my work.

Well now, I have finally fixed the code and it’s all back up and running.

So I decided to re-write the tutorial for the latest version (3.5.1). This tutorial will walk you through all the necessary steps in order for you to create your very-own second blog in WordPress.

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FFT - Vision

FFT – Vision

FFT - VisionHey guys, long time no see! Where have you all been?!

Anyway, enough of that, I just want to jump straight into this post and introduce the first in an ongoing series of posts called Food For Though (FFT), basically that means I will be occasionally posting things that get me thinking, and hopefully get you thinking too. Lets go.

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15 Wordpress Plugins

15 Essential WordPress Plugins

15 WordPress PluginsHey guys, today I have put together a list of 15 WordPress plugins that I believe everyone should be using. Some of these will be repeats from one of my older posts from a while back, but that’s because they are essential too and I feel it would be best to list them here too instead of linking you to the old post. Lets get started shall we?

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Designing Clothes?

Hey everyone,

Today I was browsing online for some t-shirts with cool and catchy slogans and logo’s on them when I found a site that let you make and sell clothing designs online.

This site is called Zazzle, at first I thought nothing of it, but when I couldn’t find the design I wanted after ages of searching, I decided to make my own. Of course, the design was originally meant for myself, but I showed a couple of people and they liked it and thought it would be cool if I sold it. So put it up for sale on Zazzle’s market place and created my own online zazzle store.

At the moment, I only have the one design printed on 2 products. It’s called ‘Head Shot’, if you would like to get to my page or see my designs, I have embedded a Flash store card below which will display the products I have up there.

The Hoodie one can be used for various other T-shirts too (even baby clothes, lol), so don’t fret if it’s summer where you are, you can still wear one comfortably.

I hope you like my designs, I hope to do more designs very soon. Thanks for reading!

P.S you may have noticed most the images on Zero Atoms main page posts are missing, we’re working on fixing the broken links at the moment. They are broken because.. well, I’m broke.. and can’t afford the hosting fee for HostMyFilez.com..

The Matrix Has You..

So I was working on publishing a post for the main page that Tim wrote when I stumbled upon this cool easter-egg in the content management system I’m using (WordPress).

I was comparing revisions when I accidental tried to compare one of the posts with itself, the following video is a re-enactment of what happened.

This freaked me out the first time it happened, I thought I’d been hacked for a second..

Sniper: Ghost Warrior [Review]

Hey guys, so I purchased Sniper: Ghost Warrior for the PC the other day, I did try to get it for the Xbox 360, but there was none left, so I settled for the PC version. Good thing my 360 controller is USB, so i can use it instead of a mouse and keyboard. Anyway, since I have enjoyed it so much, I’ve decided to write a review about it for all of you.

Ok, so I read a review about it before I bought it, and heard some things about it from my mate who works at a local games store too, some of the things people were saying about the game were quite negative, things like; it has bad graphics, environmental glitches, bad gameplay, etc. But I’m here to tell you that these things are not as close to the truth as these people would have you believe.

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Free File Uploading Script – “UPLOAD” [Updated]

UploadHey guys, today I have decided to give away my file uploading script that I built a while ago. I’m giving this away completely free because I believe most things on the internet should be free.

I’m doing this because most free file uploading scripts these days either have way too many features to the point where you have to edit a dozen files to get them to work. Or they don’t even come with the basic features like giving the link to the file after it’s been uploaded or giving error messages when a user didn’t complete the action correctly.

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