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Toejam & Earl 2

New Toejam & Earl in The Works?!

Hey all, I read the other day on the Facebook page of Toejam & Earl that the developers are working on making a new game! This awesome news has given me further encouragement to kick off my blog once again, I’ve had the urge for quite some time, but hadn’t had anything good to talk about. Here is the quote...

Second Blog 20

How To Make A Second Blog With WordPress (3.5.1)

Hey guys, a few years back I wrote a tutorial for creating a secondary blog in WordPress, I wrote it when WordPress was version 3.03, and pretty soon after that, the updates destroyed my work. Well now, I have finally fixed the code and it’s all back up and running. So I decided to re-write the tutorial for the latest...

FFT - Vision 0

FFT – Vision

Hey guys, long time no see! Where have you all been?! Anyway, enough of that, I just want to jump straight into this post and introduce the first in an ongoing series of posts called Food For Though (FFT), basically that means I will be occasionally posting things that get me thinking, and hopefully get you thinking too. Lets go.

15 Wordpress Plugins 4

15 Essential WordPress Plugins

Hey guys, today I have put together a list of 15 WordPress plugins that I believe everyone should be using. Some of these will be repeats from one of my older posts from a while back, but that’s because they are essential too and I feel it would be best to list them here too instead of linking you to...

Designing Clothes? 6

Designing Clothes?

Hey everyone, Today I was browsing online for some t-shirts with cool and catchy slogans and logo’s on them when I found a site that let you make and sell clothing designs online. This site is called Zazzle, at first I thought nothing of it, but when I couldn’t find the design I wanted after ages of searching, I decided...

The Matrix Has You.. 0

The Matrix Has You..

So I was working on publishing a post for the main page that Tim wrote when I stumbled upon this cool easter-egg in the content management system I’m using (WordPress). I was comparing revisions when I accidental tried to compare one of the posts with itself, the following video is a re-enactment of what happened. This freaked me out the...

Image Fade 1

CSS2 Compliant Image Fade [How-to]

Hey guys, welcome to another coding tutorial. Today I’m teaching you all how to make an image link fade effect with CSS2 compliant code. Here is an example of what you can create using this tutorial: Clicky.

Sniper: Ghost Warrior [Review] 10

Sniper: Ghost Warrior [Review]

Hey guys, so I purchased Sniper: Ghost Warrior for the PC the other day, I did try to get it for the Xbox 360, but there was none left, so I settled for the PC version. Good thing my 360 controller is USB, so i can use it instead of a mouse and keyboard. Anyway, since I have enjoyed it...

Upload 2

Free File Uploading Script – “UPLOAD” [Updated]

Hey guys, today I have decided to give away my file uploading script that I built a while ago. I’m giving this away completely free because I believe most things on the internet should be free. I’m doing this because most free file uploading scripts these days either have way too many features to the point where you have to...

Red Dead Redemption [Review] 6

Red Dead Redemption [Review]

Hey guys, Tim here again. This post was started ages ago, but I had to start again because the original idea for it was to write it whilst I was still playing though it and give my thoughts as they came. But unfortunately I ended up finishing the game before I finished the post, so I had rewrite it. I...